1978 Pierre SD

Key Information

Model Year: 1978
Asking Price: $2,400
State: South Dakota
City: Pierre
Engine: 8 cylinders
Transmission: Automatic
Miles: Not Listed
Seller Type: Private
Ad Source: Craigslist
Contact Info: Email Seller

Message: Get ready for winter by buying a Jeep Wagoneer-a snow busting, ground covering all-terrain machine created by the fine engineers of the Jeep corporation way back in 1963 and honed to perfection by the AMC corporation. Don’t let the front fender dents deceive you- Ginger is a machine that will get you where you need to go (within the limits of a 22 gallon tank at 10 mpg) in comfort and style be it across town or at the top of a 15 degree hill. She features a full-time 4wd Quadratrac transfer case-the first full time used in a production vehicle. Developed by Borg-Warner for the military, this gearbox is amazing and includes a low range. It also has “emergency drive” which locks all four tires together in case you have done something really stupid and need a last ditch option before abandoning hope.*

*Emergency Drive salvation is not currently hooked up, but the vacuum lines are run to do so.

Good Points:
Rebuilt transmission (3k miles ago)

Less than 100K on the the engine

Upgraded wiring and electrical system including a ridiculous 144 amp Cadillac alternator. You could probably fire up an arc welder with this thing if you were desperate (also Wagoneers were notorious for self-immolation. That quirk has been rectified).

New carpet installed in 2010, after the floorpan was completely stripped and rustproofed.

Interior-matching duraliner applied under the carpet from the rear seat back. The carpet is easily removed if you want to haul a quartered deer or clean up a crime scene.

Modern sound system installed in addition to the awesome factory AM/FM/CB (not currently hooked up) radio. System includes AudioControl preamp with auxiliary input for your iPhone or 8-Track player, Polk Audio Separates up front, Boston Acoustics Separates in rear, and a JL Audio sub hidden in the rear quarter panel, with Alpine amps powering the fun. Nothing like having Siri scare the bejeezus out of you at 119 decibels when you forget she’s giving directions.

Goodyear Wranglers all around and Rancho RS3000 shocks with less than 3,000 miles on them.

Holley Truck Avenger carb with electric choke to make it drivable in winter. This is the closest thing to fuel injection I’ve seen for winter starting. Note this is still 19th century technology. If you’re under 35 I’ll throw in a free lesson on the voodoo involved in coaxing a carbed engine to life, but if you’re seriously looking at this thing I’m guessing you already know how. And you will probably want a heated garage or a block heater when it dips below 20 at night.

External auxiliary transmission cooler installed.

Various other modernizations too numerous to list.

Original documentation included. This includes service manuals and the ORIGINAL window sticker and dealer receipts.

I’ll also throw in a dealer service manual (an $90 extra) for free. You’ll need it eventually. After all, Ginger is 38 years old-she runs great but old stuff breaks every now and then.


Transmission- “Park” is not quite functioning so you don’t want to park on a slope, and the aux cooler line blew a leak so it’s running through quite a few quarts of tranny fluid a month right now. Both are simple fixes but I haven’t gotten around to it.

Body- the kind old lady who drove it around New Mexico for 30 years went a little nearsighted and tended to bash the fenders on the garage when parking. Hence how Ginger came into my life. So front fenders will be needed eventually unless you don’t mind a “vintage” look.

Speaking of vintage, the paint ain’t exactly a spring chicken either.

Uses around a quart of oil a month. I like to think of it as “self changing” oil- just fill ‘er up with the gauge hits 20 psi (which reminds me I forgot to mention the rock-solid reliable Autometer mechanical gauges I installed) and throw a new filter on every now and then.

Email me for more pictures or come see this fine example of American knowhow in person.

1978 Pierre SD

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