1990 Grand Wagoneer in Hermosa Beach, CA

Last Updated: 9/21/2018
Ad Source: Craigslist
Location: Hermosa Beach, California

Asking Price: $17,900

Key Features

  • Model Year: 1990
  • Odometer: 173K
  • Engine: 8 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Automatic

Seller Information

  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact: Mark
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below

More Details & Pictures

Hi Craigslist, I’m posting this because my husband is too distraught, and frankly, too pissed at me to do it himself. As I write this he’s defiantly balled up in the fetal position sobbing hysterically. 

To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement. When he first introduced me to “Louise” he was on cloud nine. As he walked me out to the driveway with his hands over my eyes, he made a weird drumroll sound with his mouth and announced: “In the early 80’s, the brilliant minds at Chrysler successfully crossbred a station-wagon and a mother-fuckin tank. The result is the beauty you now see before you… the Grand Wagoneer.” Yeah… he dramatically removed his hands from my eyes to introduce me to the new woman in our lives.

He LOVES this car. Like in an unhealthy, obsessive sort of way. Like I think he’d sleep in it if I let him. The car gets more showers (washes) than he does. Needless to say, it’s in great shape and has been his everyday driver for two years. The exterior looks phenomenal and the wood trim is in near perfect condition. All of the power windows and doors work. My hubby is the 3rd owner and has receipts and documentation for nearly everything that has ever been done to Louise (even from the original owner). Oh yeah – he named it Louise, after his grandmother. Which is why he keeps saying, “I can’t believe you’re making me sell Louise – you’re tarnishing my relationship with my dead grandmother!” This is what I’m dealing with, people! It’s exhausting. Speaking of exhaust, this ole girl just passed California State smog, so no issues there. She also has a new water pump, rack and pinion, cat converter, had the cooling system flushed, and a bunch of other engine work to ensure potential suitors aren’t scared away by the 173k odometer reading (most of the engine is new or rebuilt). The tires are new 32″ BFG All-Terrains (which I’ll admit, look pretty badass). I’m no mechanic, but I know this thing runs like a champ (he reminds me…ALL. THE. TIME.) and that he had the carburetor swapped out with a Howell Fuel Injection system. Aside from the Bluetooth stereo, pretty much everything is original. I know what you’re thinking – why sell it? I’m to blame. I’m the bad guy. We got a new car, so we need the extra room and some adult decisions needed to be made. We (he) had a good run, but it’s time for Louise to go. If you want to come check it out, head to Hermosa Beach and listen for weeping…

PS: Hubby wanted me to add that he’d like to see Louise go to a good home and that she needs to be in climate controlled garage with extra high tech security and armed guards (preferably retired Navy SEALs).

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